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Why Not?: A Story about Discovering Our Bright Possibilities


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by Kobi Yamada

What if life is even more miraculous than you've imagined? Why not find out for yourself?

The words in this enchanting children's book are here to cheer you on--to encourage you to be brave, live with your whole heart, and become whoever you want to be. They're here to invigorate you to do something you love, something you believe in.

Written by New York Times bestselling author Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Gabriella Barouch, this sequel to the beloved book Maybe is an invitation to embrace big possibilities. Because someone is going to set out on a bold adventure. Someone is going to step up to the challenge. Someone is going to change things for the better. Why not you?

The photorealistic illustrations in this magical book create an empowering gift for readers of all ages, whether a little one imagining their future or a graduate excited about the journey ahead. Features a hardcover with a dust jacket and gold foil stamping.