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Where Thuong Keeps Love


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by Thu Buu

Inspired by the subtle yet unique differences in the notion of love between American and Vietnamese cultures, Where Thuong Keeps Love is a beautiful exploration of the nonverbal ways love is held and stored in every part of the body.

"Have you ever thought about where your love for others lives? In this lovely picture book, a young Vietnamese girl asks her friends where they keep their love for their parents. After hearing (and agreeing!) with most of their answers, she realizes her love for them is all throughout her body--not just one part. A glossary and an author's note introduce some differences between American and Vietnamese culture, and a glossary helps readers of all ages pronounce names correctly. A loving gem all about love."
--Belmont Books, bookseller recommendation

Where do you feel and keep love for your parents? In your head, where you think kind thoughts? In your mouth, where you say special words? Or in your heart, where you feel good emotions?

Inspired by the subtle yet unique cultural differences in how love is expressed, Where Thuong Keeps Love explores all the nonverbal ways love and affection are connected and held in every part of the body--from the top of the head all the way down to the tips of the toes.