Sold Out

PAW Patrol Save the Forest Game


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Help Marshall save the forest! In this fun preschool game, kids collaborate to put out fires with their favorite pup. Play solo or with up to four players and take turns spinning the arrow on the board. If the arrow lands on a flame, place a flame-piece on the forest cards. If the arrow lands on a water drop, remove a flame piece. Once all the flames have been removed from a forest card, you've saved The forest! If all the flame spaces on a forest card are filled, this forest burns up. But don't forget – you've got your trusty Pup pal to help out! If the dial lands on Marshall, move the Marshall figure (included) to the forest card. If Marshall is on a forest card, It can never have flames added to it. Once all four forest cards have been saved or lost, calculate your score to see how you and Marshall did. A great way to encourage teamwork, This fun game lets kids embark on an exciting mission with their favorite pup. Help Marshall on an ultimate rescue with the save the forest board game!