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Titanic Q&A


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by Mary Montero

100+ Interesting facts about the Titanic for ages 8 to 12

Invite kids to step back in time with this big book of facts about the Titanic. Unlike other Titanic books for kids, Titanic Q&A reveals tons of little-known details about the maiden voyage of this doomed ship that struck an iceberg in 1912. From what it cost to be built to why it went down so quickly, this fascinating book answers all of kids' burning questions about the Titanic—its crew, its cargo, its passengers, and beyond.
A Titanic timeline—Delve into a huge range of information, covering the time from the ship's construction and launch to its final disastrous moments.
True facts—Kids can test their knowledge on interesting Titanic topics with true-or-false questions and plenty of mythbusting facts.
Hours of exploration—Engaging content and a colorful, fact-packed layout will keep children entertained for hours.

Discover an incredible story from the past with this extraordinary choice in Titanic books for kids!