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The Academy II: The Journey Continues


by T. Z. Layton

Leo K. Doyle, a small-town kid from Ohio, has beaten all the odds and made the roster of a Premier League youth squad.

But he is far from the star player.

In fact, he isn't even a starter-and the U14 Lewisham Knights are the worst team in the league. They're so bad that if they don't improve this year, the owner will disband the team, which could jeopardize Leo's dream of becoming a professional soccer player.

As if that wasn't enough to deal with, Leo also has to keep up his schoolwork, make brand new friends in a foreign country, deal with a coach who doesn't seem to like him, and survive away from home for a demanding season in the Youth Premier League.

Leo believes he has the talent to help his team, but can he juggle all these balls and prove himself on the world's biggest soccer stage?