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Search For the Dragon Queen (Choose Your Own Adventure)


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by Anson Montgomery

Search for the Dragon Queen by Anson Montgomery takes YOU - a young dragon named Wyrm - on an adventure to find the Dragon Queen, who has been kidnapped! Your 6-8 year old reader will bravely search for the kind ruler with help from fairies and trolls and talking frogs, making other fantastical new friends along the way!

Choose Your Own Adventure Search for the Dragon Queen is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

Will you challenge the Very Bad Dragons? Or try to smash the Unsmashable Cupcake to save the queen? Will you search the Swamp of Endless Muck for clues?

For readers that enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure Dragonlark series including: Dragon Day by Anson Montgomery, Princess Island by Shannon Gilligan, and Princess Perri and the Second Summer by Shannon Gilligan.