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Gravitrax Starter Set


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Experience the power of gravity!

The hexagonal risers and track tiles simply fit and stack atop the four baseplates any way young engineers can imagine to create all kinds of amazing marble-run contraptions.

Connect between towers and levels with the sturdy track pieces that drop into place with hook-like ends at almost any degree. Then, get creative with the thrilling stunt pieces.

There's a switch tile that switches back and forth with every marble that passes through, a vortex tile that sends marbles spinning into a drop, and the best part - A magnetic cannon.

As marbles approach, the magnetism makes them accelerate until - SLAM - They hit the cannon, their kinetic energy transfers through to the marbles on the other side, and the furthest is sent flying fast!

Detailed instructions and the included task booklet make it easy to get started with suggested builds. And after that...

There's no end to the exploration and experimentation possibilities!

Delve into the mesmerizing wonders of physics and engineering with the GraviTrax Starter Set.