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Rainbow Loom DUO

  • The Rainbow Loom Duo Combo Sets Features 4,000 Latex-Free Rubber Bands, 2 Rainbow Loom, 2 Happy Loom, 2 Hooks, 150 Jewel Beads, 150 C-Clips, and Instructions all in an Organizer Case
  • The perfect combo set that gives both YOU and YOUR FRIEND the ability to loom together for ENDLESS hours of fun! Great for beginners or professionals
  • The easy-to-use Happy Loom gives you the ability to make multiple bracelets on the go
  • Expand your looms by connecting them end-to-end or side-by-side to make LONGER or WIDER creations
  • Idea Craft Activity for ages 7+ that promotes fine motor skills and cognitive thinking
  • high quality latex-free rubber bands with great elasticity are the original rubber band bracelets first ever made by multiple TOTY award winning Choon's Design the creator of Rainbow Loom