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Polly Pocket Un-Box-It


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  • The Polly Pocket Un-Box-It playset features an exciting experience for kids as they remove items in the popcorn box to discover a movie theater playset with micro Polly and Lila dolls and 15+ surprises and activities!
  • Kids can use the movie ticket for 'entry,' put on the 3D glasses (to view ticket and posters); get Tiny Takeaways at the concession stand (kids can wear them and they contain micro doll food); flip the concession to reveal a movie theater with doll seating; use a phone (not included) to insert into the screen and show Polly Pocket content; and color the activity sheets with the markers! Also check out the arcade and photo op!
  • Box includes micro Polly and Lila dolls, 1 movie ticket, 1 pair 3D glasses, 3 Tiny Takeaways (ring, necklace and hair clip), 1 photo booth flat pack, 1 movie stand flat pack, 5 accessories, movie theatre with seats, concession stand, movie screen space for phone (phone not included), movie poster sheet and 2 markers for coloring!
  • It's the ultimate Polly Pocket unboxing experience for kids and an action-packed adventure in movie fun!