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Polly Pocket Pollyville Hotel

  • Play out the storytelling fun with this Pollyville Hotel that opens to a beach-inspired adventure with fun discoveries!
  • Hotel opens and extends to include 4 floors of splashy fun, micro Polly and Lila dolls, 1 sticker sheet and 5 micro accessories that can be placed inside or outside of the hotel: a vending machine (door opens), bed, table and two chairs.
  • The hotel also includes a revolving lobby door; an elevator that goes to all floors; a banquet room with a table that opens to yummy food; sleeping quarters with a luxe bathroom; a balcony; and a rooftop pool with floatie!
  • The Hotel connects with other Pollyville Stores (each sold separately, subject to availability) and the sidewalks align to create a city street and an entire system of play!
  • You can open the hotel for 4 floors of fun or fold it up as a stand-alone store for 360 degrees of play!