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Pattern Play 3D

  • Building and imagination combine for the perfect learning activity! Manipulate the multi-shaped blocks to successfully duplicate the 3D composition and geometry featured on each 2D design card.
  • The 40 design cards increase in difficulty, so kids practice sorting, matching, symmetry and congruence as they play. Even adults enjoy replicating the beautiful patterns to decompress after a long day. Or try creating your own designs!
  • Direct energy into a mentally-stimulating activity! It’s just as enjoyable for adults as for kids: whether in the playroom or on the coffee table, MindWare’s Pattern Play games are great quiet-time amusements for all ages.
  • With 22 vibrantly-colored solid-wood blocks, this fun cognitive activity is sturdy and high-quality! The blocks fit perfectly in the wood building tray for easy storage.
  •  1 square wood building tray, 20 double-sided glossy cards with 40 total designs and 22 high-quality wooden blocks. (Ages 7 and up)