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Matchbox Transforming Excavator


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Kids can dig up exciting adventures with the large-scale Matchbox truck that transforms into an excavation station.
Drive the 1:64 scale dump truck to the drilling station to activate the big drill to clear out some boulders. One 1:64 scale dump truck, two boulders, a safety cone and construction sign are included for enhanced storytelling.
Once the rocks have been excavated, use the crane to pick them up and dump them into the hopper. Be sure to use the cone and signage to keep the worksite safe!
Drive the dump truck to the hopper and unload the boulders into the back.
Store the accessories and 1:64 scale dump truck in convenient compartments on the larger truck, keeping everything in one place.
As part of the Matchbox commitment to sustainability, this playset is made with 40% ISCC-certified bio-based plastic*.