Football Guys

Turn a passion for football into endless open-ended play!

Thirty pieces consisting of two full teams, a large cloth field, and all the accessories you need, are all waiting for you to start playing, exploring, and inventing.

Flip through the detailed instruction booklet to start your fun by learning exactly how the game of football works.

Downs, turnovers, punting, scoring, line of scrimage, kick off, time, and more - Everything's explained in simple, easy-to-follow terms.

Recreate the offensive and defensive formations depicted in the instructions using the figures and then start playing your perfect game. - You don't have to go outside or turn on the T.V. to enjoy amazing football!

But that's only the beginning.

With Football Guys, there aren't any real rules that children absolutely have to follow. Which means however they play is entirely up to them.

Stories, adventures, new kinds of rules, new kinds of sports scenes, even using the figures as decorations on a cake - There's no end to the ways you can use these dudes!

And don't forget - Once you're finished playing, everything easily packs up in the sturdy plastic storage container for quick and easy on-the-go fun.

Whether you're a kid brimming with imagination, a coach looking for a new way to teach, or just a sports fan looking for a fun way to reenact the big game, Football Guys is exactly what you need.