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Blue Orange Loopy Looper


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The Loopy Looper™ is the next evolution of fidget toy! Whether you’re looking for a zen spinning experience to keep you focused as you work, or a fun way to free your mind and challenge yourself, there’s a Loopy Looper out there that’s perfect for you. FLOW, EDGE, JUMP or HOOP – get your hand on a Loopy Looper and put your spin on it!

This exciting new fidget spinner uses centrifugal force to stay inside the Loopy track. It features a soft shell marble with a metal core, so it spins quietly after launching with a flick of your wrist. FLOW is perfect when you need a 'zen' spinning experience - just spin as slowly as you like. EDGE requires maintaining the right speed to keep the marble sticking to the rail. JUMP requires skillful spinning to get the marble jumping through the gap. HOOP can be used as a classic spinner, or a fun game of hoop-shooting. Find the rhythm for gravity-defying fun. It's the next evolution of fidget toys!