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Aquabeads Beginners Studio


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  • CREATE spray, flip tray and they stay! AquaBeads is the original water-activated bead craft set.
  • COMPLETE set includes everything your child needs to design and create over 15 unique bead creations. Beginners Studio includes over 840 solid and jewel beads in 16 vibrant colors, flip tray, sprayer, bead pen and bead palette that doubles as a storage case.
  • TO START CRAFTING, select your template and place the sheet underneath the flip tray, aligning the beads to the spacing on the tray. Follow the template to place the beads on the tray until the template is covered.
  • SPRAY WITH WATER to fuse the beads together and finish your design! Fill the sprayer with water and spray the design thoroughly. Immediately after spraying, flip the tray to transfer the design to the reciever for drying.