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Disney Encanto - A Tale Of Three Sisters


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by Anika Fajardo

Everyone in the Madrigal family is magical, that is, except for Maribel. The youngest of three sisters, Maribel lives in the shadow of Isabel, the golden child, who has flowers grow in her footsteps wherever she walks. She also lives beneath the power of Luisa, the strong one, who can lift mountains, literally, to help people around the town. Her sisters live happy and contented lives in the roles that their magical abilities have created for them, while Maribel is just trying to fit in. Or, do they?
Told from the differing points of view of Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela, this middle grade novel brings to you the innermost thoughts of the three sisters paired with beautiful artwork at the beginning of each chapter. it is the perfect choice for any Encanto fan.