Dad's Runaway Butt!


by Dawn McMillan

Get set for giggles with the hilarious new book from the million-copy bestselling authors of the I Need a NEW BUTT! Series. Join the hero of the Butt! Series as he and his dad chase down Dad’s runaway butt in this comical adventure.

Oh, no! There's trouble at the house of everyone's favorite character from the bestselling I Need a NEW BUTT! Series — his dad's butt has blown off! Where has it gone? Will it come back? Get ready for lots of laughs as this adventurous boy and his dad chase the bothersome backside all over town. Find out who's chasing whom in this hilarious tale featuring funny rhymes and delightful illustrations. 
Much-Anticipated Sequel: Rejoin the award-winning creative duo, Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird, for another uproarious adventure in Dad's Runaway BUTT!, the latest installment in the wildly popular series that began with the million-copy bestseller I Need a NEW BUTT!.
Rib-Tickling Humor: Prepare for belly laughs and endless fun as this delightful new book delivers a whimsical and gut-busting tale in funny rhymes, perfect for readers of all ages.
Viral Sensation Reimagined: After I Need a NEW BUTT! became a viral hit thanks to “The Scottish Granny’s” hilarious reading, McMillan and Kinnaird return to captivate audiences with even more laughs.
Epic Backside Blunder: Follow the side-splitting saga of a dad’s butt that hilariously takes off on its own, leading to a comical chase filled with misadventures and laughter.
Vibrantly Illustrated: Ross Kinnaird’s colorful and expressive illustrations bring this cheeky picture storybook to life, complementing Dawn McMillan’s witty narrative and ensuring a visual feast for boys and girls ages 6-10.

Dad's Runaway BUTT! not only promises a wild and hilarious journey for children but also offers a uniquely entertaining story that adults will find equally amusing, making it the perfect read for family bonding time.