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Circuit Box- 395 Project Set

  • NO ORDINARY BUILDING BLOCK: Using patented technology, Circuit Blox 395 have electronic components making circuits that light different lights, create sounds, spin a motor and fan and more!
  • 395 PROJECTS: Build light activated sirens, alarms, birthday song, flying fan, and transistor amplifiers. The building blocks of a STEM education through the joy of discovery.
  • EXPLORING FM TECHNOLOGY: including Frequency Band, Radio Wave Propagations, Channel Numbering, Radio Audio Range. Changing Voltage and changing current.
  • INCLUDES: Manuel with sample projects, switches, lamp, heart and star LEDs, speaker, audio and amplifier block, FM receiver block, motor, resistors, photoresistor, capacitors, transistor and more! Ages 8+. Requires 3 “AA” Batteries