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A Fisherman's View


by Mike Bernard

After their mother's death, colorful Irish patriarch Michaleen Fitzgerald gives his estranged children three plastic baggies - RED, GREEN, YELLOW - to scatter her ashes at specific locations. The symbolism is not lost on them. Theresa is the angry one, Richard is materialistic, and Fiona is crippled with anxieties. But they're wrong. The colors represent something else entirely, and the journey to dispose the ashes and find their true meanings and destinations has just begun. With dark but tender humor, Michaleen helps his children take a different view of life, hoping they'll grab it by the lapels and swing it back onto the dance floor, but each child is harboring complicated feelings and secrets that threaten to tear their family apart. A FISHERMAN'S VIEW is a deeply emotional story of reconciliation and a celebration of family; how people who were raised so close can be so far apart without truly knowing it.