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BLUEY 36 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

  • For the Bluey fan that can’t get enough, this 2-pack of puzzles is the ultimate must-have. Featuring Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad, they can build the world of Bluey piece-by-piece these puzzlesoice to Batman’s commanding voice!
  • Choose from the house front scene and beach scene- so you can explore every area of Bluey’s life with one game, while also learning fine motor skills. Of course, Bluey and the whole family take center stage in both puzzle scenes.
  • These square jigsaw puzzles measure 9" x 9" each and contain 36 pieces per puzzle- a simple and fun activity for kids ages 3 and up. Because why just watch the show when you could play it?
  • You will love the cute and colorful tubes that make for easy storage of all the puzzle pieces. One tube is Bluey and the other is Bingo, so you can easily pick out these puzzles on your board game shelf.
  • If they are always asking for Bluey to be played on the TV or iPad, the child in your life will be ecstatic to see Bluey and friends in person. This puzzle set makes the perfect gift for boys and girls.